Friday, February 11, 2011

Excellent hiking in El Chalten

Since we did not hike in Torres del Paine, we headed to El Chalten to do some day hikes in the northern section of Los Glaciares National Park. We had three full days of hiking, day 1: 26km (350m ascend), day 2: 25km (750m ascend), day 3: 24km (1000m ascend), with minimal pharmaceuticals, 2 ibuprofen (John) and 5 Band-Aids (me). For me it was a personal record( the hiking, not the Band-Aids).

Each day the hike involved walking to some initial viewpoint, followed by a difficult section that lead uphill to an even more scenic viewpoint. Each day I hesitated going on the last part. With encouragement and help from John, my personal mountain guide, I was able to make it each time. The views were truly incredible.

Another good thing is that all the bodies of water in the El Chalten section of Los Glaciares are potable. I would have been in big trouble if I had to carry all the necessary water. The water is delicious and icy cold. John claims he can barely hold his hand in the water long enough to fill the water bottle in one shot.

Photos from Day 1, the Cerro Torre route.
At Lago Torre with Cerro Torre (topped by a cloud) and Glaciar Grande in the background.
Lago Torre - El Chalten, Argentina

We hiked up to the Maestri Viewpoint for a better look at Glaciar Grande.
Glaciar Grande & Lago Torre - El Chalten, Argentina

Sun-Ling walking up the scree ridge to Maestri Viewopoint.
Lago Torre - El Chalten, Argentina

Photos from Day 2, the Los Tres\Fitz Roy route.
The day started (and ended) with great views of the Rio de las Vueltas.

Lunch break on the banks of Rio Blanco with Mt. Fitz Roy in the background.

Lago de los Tres at the base of Mt. Fitz Roy.


Photos from Day 3, the Lomo del Pliegue Tumbado route.
After 3.5 hours walking with over 2000 ft of ascending we are rewarded with an awesome view of both Cerro Torre (left) and Mt. Fitz Roy (right). But there was another 45 minutes of uphill to go.

John at the top of Lomo de Pliegue Tumbado.

Sun-Ling at the top of Lomo de Pliegue Tumbado with view to Lake Viedma behind.

The descent.


Crash Eddy said...
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Crash Eddy said...

Oops, you made these photos private again, John. I can't zoom on them.

Cathy said...

The pictures are spectacular. I love all of the colors and contrasts. Glad you two are staying healthy-must be all of the fresh air and hiking!

Susan in Florida said...

WOW! Amazing! Awesome!

john said...

@Susan - and !Incredible!

@Cathy - We are also trying to eat well and rest well.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing