Friday, February 18, 2011

From top to bottom

In exactly five months we traveled from Cartagena, Colombia to Ushuaia, Argentina (about 4000 miles as the crow flies) by bus, except for two trains and one ferry. It is our longest continuous journey by land. I like our route very much; of course, I did most of the planning. Yet I am still amazed by all that we have seen and experienced.

Ushuaia was not even in our original plan, but somehow it worked its way into our itinerary. The southern most city in the world and located on the Beagle Channel Ushuaia may be conceptually significant, but there is nothing unique about its physical feature. It feels like a tourist trap to us, maybe because many cruise ships pass and originate here, and the usual tourist attractions seem overpriced. We had to drum really hard to come up with some worthwhile outings. Our efforts did pay off. The first outing was a hike up towards Cerro del Medio, through a forest reserve, above the tree line, into the snow. The second outing was a coastal walk to Estancia Tunel with unexpected sightings of wildlife and beautiful views of the Beagle Channel.

Walking up through the beech trees on the well-maintained Cerro del Medio trail.

Great views to the Beagle Channal and Ushuaia as we walk above the treeline.


Sun-Ling heads for a patch of snow. That's Laguna Margot at left; Beagle Channel in background. We turned around just after this point as the weather deteriorated.


Stopped at Playa Larga for some beach combing on our way to Estancia Larga.

Sun-Ling looks out at the Beagle Channel on the way to Estancia Tunel.
Beagle Channel - Ushuaia, Argentina

Beagle Channel with cruise ship in the distance.

View of Beagle Channel from a meadow near the ruins of Estancia Tunel.

Patagonian Fox.
Patagonian Fox - Ushuaia, Argentina

Came on a noisy flock of Austral Parakeets but were too far away for a decent photo - sorry.


Cathy said...

Any interesting finds while beach combing?

john said...

Nope...but glad to see little or no trash....Did see one jellyfish;lots of barnacles and mollusks in the tidal pools at the far end of the beach; lots of pebbles and rocks, a few pieces of driftwood, one seagull skull, a couple of empty small crab shells, and the occasional seashell.