Friday, February 04, 2011

National Park Torres del Paine has been checked off

Everyone from the Navimag that was young and/or fit seemed to be going on some multi-day trekking expedition in Torres del Paine National Park. We had to rule it out due to harsh weather conditions, preposterous pricing, and low interest. In fact our interest was so low that we had even considered skipping the Park completely. Nevertheless on our second day in Puerto Natales we found ourselves boarding the bus along with the old and/or decrepit for a one day "Full Tour" of the Park.

The day was mostly cloudy and windy to very, very windy. The bus took us to various view points and a couple of short walks. We saw the granite towers the park was named after, glacier lakes of various colors, waterfalls, wetlands, icebergs, a lone condor (we think), a rhea or two (nandu in Spanish), and several hundred guanacos. We certainly do not regret not trekking and are glad that we have the park checked off.

All shots below are from Torres del Paine.

The two of us in front of a lake of various colors with the Torres (Towers) del Paine (tops in the clouds) in the background.

The two of us by some rapids and the edge of the Cuernos (Horns) del Paine in the background.

A herd of guanacos.

Lakes of various colors.


Icebergs, beach, and clouds.


Cathy said...

Breathtaking scenes, even in pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi John and Sun Ling! Found your blog by coincidence, by typing in navimag and accident in google haha. We saw the damage to the ship today as well, pretty impressive. Think we might have been lucky. Enjoy the rest of your trip! Cheers, Chiel and Patricia, the Dutchies

john said...

Chiel & Patricia, Thanks for the comment! We were indeed quite lucky. Happy travels!