Saturday, October 02, 2010

Tunja is cold

We are in Tunja, 9200 feet above sea level, on a plateau. Unlike the previous towns, it is not surrounded by mountains. It is a very vibrant city and has some of the oldest (second half of 16th century) houses and churches on the continent.

At 9200 feet and 5 degrees north it is hot in the sun, but the mornings and evenings are fairly cool. People are dressed in every which way, from short sleeve t-shirts, to woolen ponchos, to winter coats. Ladies wear sandals in bare feet to knee high boots and everything in between.

Now that I had a taste of Tunja, I can just see I will want to buy some warmer clothes (maybe a hair dryer) later in Bolivia, maybe even in Peru. I do have a little headache today. We are going down 600-700 feet to Bogota tomorrow. Maybe my headache will go away.

Plaza Bolivar.
Plaza Bolivar - Tunja, Colombia

Street scene.
Tunja, Colombia

Casa del Fundador (House of the Founder). Built in 1540.
Casa del Fundador - Tunja, Colombia

Casa del Don Juan de Vargas. Built in the late 16th century.
Casa del Don Juan de Vargas - Tunja, Colombia

Statue of the Virgin del Rosario in a side chapel of Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzman. Construction started in 1559.
Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzman - Tunja, Colombia

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i like your "Plaza Bolivar" photo a lot.