Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fu Shun Confucius Temple

Fu Shun is located about 25 km south of Zigong and features China's Number Two Confucius Temple.

We rode bus #35 to the bus station, and took the Fu Shun "Medium" bus for 10 RMB each. The bus passed the Zigong High Tech Business Incubator on the way out of town, and we headed down the highway about 20 kms to Fu Shun.

The bus dropped us off several kilometers east of the bus station at its final stop which is near the Oil Well monument (and traffic circle of sorts). This was good as we then had a short walk east on Wen Miao Road to the Confucius Temple. Arriving, we were at first disheartened to see the ticket price was 40 RMB, then relieved to hear from the ticket seller that the price increase would go into effect when all the tickets printed "10 元" had been sold. Whew! It's a cool temple but 40 RMB? Hmmm.

Having recently seen 2 other cool Confucius Temples in FengQing and Huize, we had to rank this one as the most impressive, especially with its red gate, statues of Master Kong and disciples, and the size and patina of the buildings.

After wandering around the Old Town, we took a ferry across the river to an old mansion, now a school. Returned and toured a couple of Buddhist Temples with images carved into a cliff, checked out West Lake, and returned to Zigong. Nice outing!

Confucius Temple Gate with bridge and pool in front.


The woman in front of Sun-Ling was showing us the way to the ferry which is just ahead.

Old mansion, now part of a school.

Buddhist image cut into the cliff.

Fu Shun locals hanging out at West Lake.

They turn on the lights at night in Zigong.

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