Monday, March 26, 2012

Sanduozhai City Wall

With an early 8:10AM departure from Yibin Station, we upgraded ourselves to soft seat for the 90-minute trip to Zigong and enjoyed our coffee and pastries on the train.

After losing a day due to more stomach troubles and a change of hotels, we made a day trip from Zigong to SanDuoZhai and enjoyed the spring weather, flowering trees, local food, and splendid old sandstone city walls.

Note to fellow travelers: To get from Zigong to SanDuoZhai, take city bus #35 (from near the Holiday Hotel or the Bus Station) to the Dinosaur Museum stop, then at the same stop, take a SanDuoZhai bus (signed 三多寨; 2.5 yuan per person) to SanDuoZhai. Get off at the last stop, which is about 100 meters inside the South Gate. There is a map in Chinese only just outside the South Gate. Return by doing the reverse.

Breakfast on the train.
Soft Seat - Yibin to Zigong, Sichuan, China

Hard to not spot the Dinosaur Museum where we changed buses.
Dinosaur Museum - Zigong, Sichuan, China

Flowering pear trees and rapeseed.

Trying the local specialty: tofu and rice.

Inside the city wall. Beautiful sandstone.

And from the outside

Sun-Ling on top of the wall next to the parapet and embrasures.

Another view of the top of the wall, the parapet and embrasures.

View from West Gate.

The East Gate.


Kathy said...

Soft seat looks SO much nicer than hard seat! Sorry to hear about the stomach trouble.

john said...

Kathy, Not only is soft seat softer and roomier, there's AC. And there are two levels with the top level having a pretty good view... Appetites are almost back to normal. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

really nice looking walls. huge stones. wonder if they're original and how old. glad you're well now! wqz

john said...

The walls are about 150 years old. In the photos above, all the stones are original (I think), except some of the ones around the City Gate. Around the town, some parts of the wall have been repaired, usually at the top, other parts are completely neglected.