Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Next Stop Fugong

Fugong has a dusty main drag stretching for several kilometers along the Nu Jiang; however, we are not here to hang out but to hike to Da You village.

Awesome hike! See the pics below.

Note to fellow travelers: The road to Da You village is just north of the 228 Km marker, about 2 kms north of the Fugong bus station. The road is easy to follow up the switchbacks but there are shortcuts, paths used by the locals, that can cut the distance. There are several forks. Ask a local for the way to Da You if you're not sure which fork to take.

The crossbows for sale in Nujiang Valley towns are not just for tourists.
Crossbow - Fugong, Yunnan, China

Fugong's vehicle bridge over the Nujiang is only wide enough for one car at a time.
Fugong, Yunnan, China

Getting some fuel for the walk.

Two local women showed us the shortcuts between swtichbacks on the way up. One was carrying her grandson. They/we stopped for us rest each time we ran into a friend or neighbor.



We were surprised to see this turkey at one of the houses on the way up.

The local Lisu people are Christians. Missionaries developed a written script for their language which you can see around the doorway.

Typical dwelling.
Typical House - Da You Village

A village near Da You Village. All the local villages were flying red National and/or Chinese Communist Party flags. Not sure why.

Some views from the walk.




The buildings at top right are Da You Village. Those are some steep fields.


Sun-Ling enjoying the view from Da You while taking a rest on an irrigation ditch.

Above the villages we followed an irrigation channel into an area that was not cultivated; a rarity.

Middle school students returning to Fugong (in the distance) on Sunday afternoon after spending the weekend at home in Da You. Sun-Ling had a nice chat with these girls as we walked down the mountain with them.
Heading back to Fugong


Crash Eddy said...

Typical dwelling: is a satellite dish also typical? How about cell phones? Is there tower coverage along the river valley? Looks like the hills are a bit steeper than Hunter's Ridge.

Crash Eddy said...

In Google Maps satellite view, the river appears to have many rapids. I assume it is not navigable.

Kathy said...

That's a lot of exercise you're getting on this trip!

john said...

Ed, Satellite dishes are very common although the large size like this is being replaced by the smaller ones. Cell coverage is extensive. Better than in the US...The Nujiang is not navigable in China, although if there is a long enough pool between rapids, you may see a boat or two for fishing, and there are still a few ferries.

john said...

Kathy, Yes! Lots of exercise and lots of tasty Yunnan-style dinners (veggie of course) afterwards!

Crash Eddy said...

If crossbows are not just for tourists, what are they for? Are they used actively by hunters?

john said...

Ed, Yes the crossbow are used for hunting. See the Bingzhongluo post: