Sunday, March 04, 2012

Hanging out in Liuku

The day started with a nice ride minibus up the Nujiang with bridges to spot, friendly locals, and pretty good scenery. And in Liuku we scored the best hotel room view of the trip so far with a view of the pedestrian bridge, the river, and the surrounding hills.

Liuku is a great place to hangout, especially since we had the first rainy day of the trip. We studied and plotted our route, enjoyed the view from our room, strolled on the new "river walk", ate tasty rice noodle soup again and again, and bought instant coffee made in Yunnan.

Along Route S228, heading North up the Nujiang Valley to Liuku.

Hotel room view of town, hills, and river,

Liuku, Yunnan, China

The pedestrian bridge at night.
Liuku, Yunnan, China

And during the day.
Liuku, Yunnan, China

Rice noodle soup.
Liuku, Yunnan, China

Buying a spicy cold noodle snack.

Sugarcane market.
Liuku, Yunnan, China


Anonymous said...

wow, even a small remote town is so bright at night! what's that cheese looking block besides the noodle? wqz

john said...

WQ, Not sure what you are referring to, but the lights above the river are associated with the upper portion of their "river walk".