Friday, March 23, 2012

Zhaotong Yunnan

After one of our easier bus rides, we found a really nice hotel in Zhaotong, Yunnan that happened to be next to the only surviving parts of the old town; that is, a mosque, two chuches, the hardware and tea market, and a couple of old factories.

View from the bus window.

This mosque - how about that neo-classical dome - and Islamic school are expanding.

Another mosque faces a catholic church.

We bought a tool to take out the "eyes" of a pineapple from this vendor. Can you guess which tool? And which tool is used to take hair off pig meat?


Scale vendor.

View of old factory complex or maybe a guild hall from our hotel window.


Crash Eddy said...

Coincidentally with your find of a pineapple eye removal tool, yesterday, I pared a pineapple. For our pineapple use, smoothies, I have forsaken complete eye removal. I just pare the outer shell as best I can leaving a small bit of eye.

Here's a trivia tidbit for you: The fruit of a pineapple is arranged in two interlocking helices, eight in one direction, thirteen in the other, each being a Fibonacci number.

Anonymous said...

i would guess the green and red plastic tool for removing pineapple eyes. does it work well? seems to remove one at a time is slow. and the big tweezers on the bottom right corner for pig hair? interesting tidbit from Eddy. thanks. wqz

john said...

You guessed the right two tools, but have the use backwards. LOL.

Anonymous said...

i've been waiting for your answer. this is too funny. now that you revealed it, and upon reexamination, i can envision the pineapple tool pushing forward through the eyes. but i still don't undersand how the pig hair tool works. guess you won't give us a demo with that. LOL

john said...

WQ, Turns out I misunderstood SL and the pig hair removal tools are the pile of shiny metal tweezer-like things below the pile of red and green things.