Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hello from Heathrow

We are unexpectedly killing time in London's Heathrow airport thanks to Friday afternoon thunderstorms on the east coast of the US. Our flight from Raleigh to Newark was cancelled thus our Raleigh-Newark-Munich-Athens itinerary became Raleigh-London-Athens.

Yep, our trip is off to a less than perfect start. Thursday night while we were busy working on last minute to-dos, an item fell out of the freezer-side of the fridge and broke a piece of the automatic door closing mechanism. Luckily I had been working on a door closing problem with the fridge-side door a few days before and had learned enough from that experience to jury-rig the freezer door shut. Whew! A proper repair will have to wait until we return.

Then Friday we sat at RDU for 4 hours while our original flight was delayed, delayed again, then cancelled. Luckily we were re-routed to Athens via London. So 4 more hours at RDU waiting for the RDU-London flight to leave. Of course Sun-Ling had packed a huge lunch bag for us so we were definitely not hungry. ;-)

Then once at Heathrow we had to work through a computer glitch at the Aegean Airlines transit desk to avoid an extra $50 baggage fee each. Yikes!

So finally we can relax for a few hours before our fight to Athens. But we don't know if our bags will be on the carousel in Athens. Stay tuned.


Crash Eddy said...

Well, bummer! Let's hope this is not the beginning of a star-crossed journey and you sail, er, ah, fly smoothly from here on.

Kathy said...

Wow, chapter of accidents! (But three, so should be OK now, fingers crossed) And at this time of year it could have been worse.... Glad to hear you're on the right side of the ocean, anyway.

john said...

Ed and Kathy: Thanks for the comments! And of course things are much smoother now that we are on the ground in Greece.

WQZ said...

did you choose the word fight instead of flight deliberately?

john said...

Thanks WQZ, Between you and Ed we have great editors!