Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nafplio: Forts

Yesterday we arrived in Nafplio in a gray drizzle.  It was pretty chilly.  We made our home at the Hotel Polyxenia, exactly the kind of place we like; old building, family-run, personal and genial, sincere not obsequious.

First thing in the morning we got a lift from our proprietor Maria to the site of Ancient Tiryns (we had originally planned to walk the 4 kms) . While the site is small, the great size of the rocks and walls from 14-13 centuries BCE are amazing.

We walked back to Nafplio by olive and orange groves to the Palamidi Fortress  high above town.  We took the set of steps at the edge of old town up, enjoying spectacular views of the sea, the town, the other two forts (above town and on the little island).  At the top, I pulled out our money to buy the tickets.  The ticket seller had a look at John and asked his age. The sign there clearly states that EU citizens 65 years are good for the 2-euro discount admission.  When the guy got back John's age - well below 65, he asked where he is from.  US is obviously not in the EU. The guy decided to give John the discount in any case.  At first we thought that John's habit of forgoing shaving on the road served him well.  Later we decided the guy wanted to reward John for walking up.  At that rate, if any of the old guys and ladies from our hiking club walked up, he probably would let them in for free. Actually we didn't even want the discount. We normally like to complain about admission prices and save whenever we can, but here we decided the Greek government can probably use our contribution. In two days of sightseeing, we have spent 36 euros on admissions without a second thought, not including the 2 euros we just saved.

Palamidi Fortress turned out to be well worth the regular 4 euro admission. We can see the fort from our balcony; we have been to more forts than I care to visit.  This fort is huge - I cannot remember another fort that's even close. The two of us had a great time climbing around and taking in views.

Another day of kind Greeks, almost more kindness than I can take.  Too soon to change my mind?

The main gate at Tiryns.
Ancient Tiryns - near Nafplio, Greece

Rooms inside the fortress walls.
Ancient Tiryns - Near Nafplio, Greece

The king's palace at Tiryns.
Nafplio, Greece

Tiryns Walls.
Nafplio, Greece

Walking the rails back to Nafplio.
Nafplio, Greece

View to Nafplio.
Nafplio, Greece

Inside Palamidi.
Nafplio, Greece

View to the southeast from Palamidi.
Nafplio, Greece

View back to Nafplio.
Nafplio, Greece


Charles said...

Those pictures look great. I still have never been to Greece. I want to go there (and Albania too).

Kathy said...

Good, sounds like you are enjoying yourselves now. Congratulations on making it up to the fortress, have to confess I didn't. Am enjoying the pix!

Once I stopped dying my hair and let it go white people stopped even asking me if I was a senior and just give me the discount.

Sun-Ling said...

@Kathy, I did not dislike Athens. I just find it underwhelming. The fort was overwhelming. I had thought it can be conquered in one hour. It took four instead! I misunderestimated [sic].

We have to remember the gray hair trick. John'd be so happy to grow out his gray beard - no shaving.

Sun-Ling said...

@Charles, I always had low opinion of Greece. I'm beginning to see the errors in my logic. I love Mexico in spite of all the tourists going to the beaches. Besides, accommodations seem to be lower than I had expected. That helps too.

Kathy said...

@Sun-Ling - people even offer me seats on buses and trains now...

Shouldn't be many/any crowds this time of year.