Sunday, February 23, 2014

Obligatory Athens

I was not impressed with Athens when we were here in 1996 for four days. Athens is supposed to have improved, especially from hosting the 2004 Olympics, but so have I - I have been a lot more places since then. Therefore, our only agenda items were to check off the very top attractions that we missed the last time: the National Archaeological Museum, the Sunday Changing of the Guard, and the Acropolis Museum (which everyone raves about). A busy day! We also managed to squeeze in the Rick Steves' Athens City Walk audio tour - quintessential Rick. I have not changed my mind about Athens either. We are moving on tomorrow.

The only thing that surprised me was how friendly people are - not what we remembered: tired-of-tourists-Greeks. Did they have a change of heart? Or is it the result of their bad economy? I know I am a hard customer to please. From walking around today, many cafes/restaurants were bustling, but some were not. I reserve my assessment on the state of economy for now.

The Parthenon Gallery at the Acropolis Museum is full scale.
Athens, Greece

View of the Acropolis from the Acropolis Museum.
Acropolis Museum - Athens, Greece

Changing of the Guard.
Athens, Greece

Ancient bronze horse with jockey at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.
Bronze Horse with Jockey - National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Greece

Poseidon - National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Greece

A great view of the Roman Agora thanks to Rick Steves.
Roman Agora - Athens, Greece

And we ended the day with a tasty veggie burger and salad at Avocado Vegetarian Restaurant.
Salad and Veggie Burger - Avocado Vegetarina Restuarant - Athens, Greece

Not to mention the afternoon snack: our first vegetarian souvlaki of this trip.
Veggie Slouvlaki - Athens, Greece

All of the photos are here.


Kathy said...

Sorry Athens isn't wowing you. Still think you should check out some of the other museums. cape Sounion at sunset is pretty cool, too.

liz said...

Glad you made it to the new museum. I was so disappointed to miss it in May. Pics looked cool.

Crash Eddy said...

John, the heading statement on the blog needs updating as you are no longer in the pre-planning stage, you are on the road, so to speak.

john said...

Liz, Thanks for the kind words about the photos! And of course you made the right choice to prioritize the real Acropolis above the museum.

john said...

Thanks Ed! Updated!

Sun-Ling said...

Kathy, we have to save something to do the next time, may it be another 18 years :D. We were at Sounion in 1996. Though not at sunset, we had the place all to ourselves.