Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nafplio: Intro to Greek Vegetarian Food

Nafplio has a great number of restaurants and cafes that cater to tourists.  Many have water views or are "on the square".  I decided to go for the food.  The first night we went to a family restaurant, Kastro Karima.  We liked it so much that we ended up going every night.  Each time we ate by ourselves.  From our previous experience, I know Greeks don't eat until 10 pm.  Between laundry, blog, and homework, we cannot stay out late enough to run into them.

At Karima's more than half of the menu are vegetarian.  Each night we ordered three or four menu items.  We did not have to repeat anything, except for when we liked the fried cheese puffs so much, we immediately ordered a second plate.  Not an expert of Greek cuisine, many dishes were new to me, though the tastes were familiar.  The proprietors seem very kind people.  They brought us cold water and complimentary desserts.  The food is delicious and satisfying.  After the first day, we didn't even bother to order bread, considering our mule takes a lot feed.  For around 15 euros a meal, I feel like they are doing us a kindness rather than us giving them business.


On our last day in Nafplio, we made an outing to Epidavros, famous for its theater.  Another beautiful day to be wandering outside.

Our table at Karima's with Fried Eggplant and Greek Salad with Feta.Restaurant Karima - Nafplio, Greece

Arugula Salad with Balsamic Vinegar and Feta. Yum!
Arugala Salad with Feta - Restaurant Karima - Nafplio, Greece

Cheese Puffs, Boiled Greens Salad, and Briam (baked layers of potatoes and veggies)
Restaurant Karima - Nafplio, Greece

Iman (Eggplant Layers) and Fries
Iman (Eggplant) and Fried Potatoes - Restaurant Karima - Nafplio, Greece

Mashed Fava Beans with Garnish.
Fava Bean Spread with Garnish - Restaurant Karima - Nafplio, Greece

Fried Cheese.
Restaurant Kastro Karima - Nafplio, Greece

Dessert - Restaurnat Karima - Nafplio, Greece

Dessert - Restaurant Karima - Nafplio, Greece

The Ancient Theater at Epidavros.
Ancient Theater - Epidavros, Greece

The Stadium with its 180-meter straight track - starting line in foreground.
Stadium - Epidavros, Greece

Sun-Ling studies a well preserved Corinthian capital in the site museum.
Epidavros, Greece


Charles said...

All that stuff looks so good.

Sun-Ling said...

They are as tasty as they look. I'm a little surprised that I like Greek food this much. My previous impression was a lot of meat and not so much taste. I guess the same can be said about a lot of food, haha.