Saturday, February 22, 2014

Installed in Athens

Our Aegean Airlines flight left on time.  When we arrived at the new (still new to us) Athens Airport, we breezed through immigration.  A few minutes later bags started to come out.  As we held our breadth, our two bags came out one after another, with handwritten tags - no wonder we were worried.  It was 5:58 pm local time; six hours behind schedule

The 6:05 pm X-95 (express bus to city center) pulled out two seconds after we stepped on.  There was none of the weekday traffic jam on this Saturday evening.  We arrived at Syntagma Square 45 minutes later.  After a quick round of hotel searching, we are now installed at one of my top two candidates (the other one was full) in a suite (a separate sitting area).  The terrace outside our room has an Acropolis view.


Kathy said...

Yeah! Great to hear that you - AND your bags - made it. What hotel?

Sun-Ling said...

We are at the Kimon Hotel Hotels seemed pretty full on this Saturday night. I can only imagine the scene when the economy was good.