Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back in Shanghai

We arrrived safely back in Shanghai on May 12 at 2:54 PM, less than 30 minutes after the earthquake hit Sichuan Province. Although tall buildings swayed in Shanghai, we felt nothing on the train.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Home stretch

After a whole month of rambling among minority villages in SE Guizhou, we are now making our way back to Shanghai via Fenghuang, a scenic ancient watertown and tourist mecca in Hunan Province.

On the 11th, we will take a 2hr bus ride to Huaihua and then a 20-hour train ride to Shanghai in 1st Class Sleeper Coach (called Soft Sleeper in China).

Typical long distance bus pickup in Guizhou. Just stand by the side of the road and flag down the bus. This guy was headed the opposite direction from us.
Longli Town - Guizhou, China

Fenghuang at night.
Fenghuang Town - Hunan, China

Bad weather

Weather has been not so good for us the lately.  The climate here is humid to start with.  When it's sunny, it's 34C/90F and muggy.  When it's rainy/cloudy, it's 18C/60F, damp, though this is rising each day.  We had two whole days of rain over the weekend and had to abandon our plan to trek to a village near Congjiang, Guizhou. 

On a very hot day near Rongjiang we are still in good spirits.
On the way to Baibei Village - Rongjiang County - Guizhou, China

The view from our hotel balcony on a cold and rainy morning in Fenghuang, Hunan Province.
Steady Rain - Fenghuang, Hunan

Friday, May 02, 2008

May Day

To celebrate the May 1st National Holiday, John got his first haircut of 2008. The locals here in Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province were celebrating by buying TV's and satellite dishes. It's only 100 days until the Beijing Olympics you know. These folks below got on the ferry with us to Baji Village.

John gets a haircut - Rongjiang, China

Getting Ready for Beijing 2008 - Baji Village - Guizhou, China

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

From Aguascalientes, there is a very convenient direct flight to Cancun.  Since the wedding is at a private beach south of Playa del Carmen,...