Saturday, December 29, 2018

In Shanghai

Although there were a few memorable moments on our flights from RDU to ATL to Shanghai PVG, this leg of our trip is thankfilly marked down as "uneventful". Very good Delta flight crew. Movies watched from ATL to PVG: RBG, Crazy Rich Asians, Three Identical Strangers, The Most Unknown, The Great Buddha+.

We are in Shanghai for Sun-Ling's family reunion; the main event is her Grandmother's 100th Birthday celebration. We spent our first night at Grandmother's apartment (see pic below). Looking forward to the big shindig in few days. Stay tuned.

The view from Terminal E during our layover at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.
Hartsfield-Jackson Airport - Atlanta, Georgia

Sun-Ling and her Grandmother
Sun-Ling and Grandmother - Shanghai, China

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

From Aguascalientes, there is a very convenient direct flight to Cancun.  Since the wedding is at a private beach south of Playa del Carmen,...