Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Japan Hotels

Here's some info about the hotels we stayed at on our September/October 2007 trip to Japan.

 Sept 22 & 23 - Fukuoka
Accord Hotel  - A 15 minute walk from the Train Station, we paid ¥11,160 total (with credit card) for 2 nights. Room 315 was small, but nice: wired Internet, fridge, desk, stool, hangars, no closet, sink, tub, shower, double bed.

Sept 24 & 25 - Kanazawa
APA Hotel - A short local bus ride from the Train Station, we paid ¥15,600 total for 2 nights. Room 932 was small, clean, and with Internet. Access to the 14th floor public onsen , where you can see the stars, is included in the rate.
Room 932 - APA Hotel
APA Hotel - Kanazawa, Japan

APA Hotel. The letter "P" is dark.
APA Hotel - Kanazawa, Japan

Sept 26 & 27- Takayama
Kuwataniya Minshuku - A short walk from the Bus Station, we paid ¥4000 per person per night plus a "hot springs" tax for a total of ¥17400. The tatami room had a small closet, TV, fridge, and table. There are 2 "hotspring common baths". Tatami rooms share a toilet. Internet was free as well as the use of their 12 bikes.

Sept 28  - Matsumoto
Matsumoto Hotel 1-2-3- This nice business hotel is 3 blocks from the train station and our "big" room had Internet, desk with chair and a view of Matsumoto Castle. We paid ¥6650for one night. The "included" breakfast is served on the 2nd floor.
Our room at the 1-2-3
Matsumoto Hotel 1-2-3 - Matsumoto, Japan

Sept 29 - Tsumago
Minshuku - Don't know the name of this minshiku. We booked it on arrival and paid ¥5500 a person for a big tatami room with no meals. Interesting, that in this $100+ room, one pays for the TV and AC by feeding ¥100 coins into a slot. No other guests so we had the whole top floor to ourselves.
Tsumago Room
Minshuku - Tsumago, Japan

Sept 30  & Oct 1 - Nikko
Johsyu-ya Inn - Room #31 is big with an en-suite sink, clothes drying rack, TV, a table, and 2 chairs !!! We paid ¥15,660 for 2 nights. The inn is conveniently located just 30 meters from a bus stop.

Oct 2 - Kamakura
Komachi-so Minshuku - Great location. We paid ¥4500 x 2 persons =  ¥9000  for one night.

Oct 3 & 4- Hakone
Minshuku - No romaji sign for this minshuku in Moto-Hakone, so no romaji name, but it was very nice. We paid ¥19,500 for 2 nights. A huge tatami room, a small sitting area, fridge, low table, and a view of Lake Ashi. Bath, toilet, and sinks are shared, but we had the whole place to ourselves as there were no other guests.
Our room with view of Lake Ashi.
Minshuku - Moto-Hakone, Japan

Oct 5 & 6 - Nagasaki
Toyoko-Inn Hotel  - Great location near TI and JR Station. We paid ¥7560 per night for a double with twin beds, included breakfast, and Internet.
Our room.
Toyoko-Inn Hotel - Nagasaki, Japan

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