Friday, October 22, 2010

Into Ecuador

Two long travel days back to back to get us into Ecuador. The first started in Mocoa, Colombia as we traveled on the so-called "road of death", a one lane unpaved road through waterfalls and into the clouds, from 2000ft straight up to 9000ft then going down to the valleys at 7000ft. Then climbing back up through a pass at 10000ft before ending the day in Ipiales at 9000ft.

The next day started with site seeing in Ipiales (the church in Las Lajos that spans a river gorge), crossing the border into Ecuador at Tulcan and visiting the cemetery famous for its topiary (one of the most surreal places ever), a loooooong sloooow bus ride to Otavalo, but ending on a high note with a tremendous dinner of Chinese food ala Otavalo Ecuador.

Plaza La Pola - Ipiales

Santuario de Las Lajas

Cementerio de Tulcan
Topiary - Cemetario Tulcan - Tulcan, Ecuador

Chifa (Chinese Restaurant)
Chifa (Chinese Restaurant) - Otavalo, Ecuador


Fast Eddy said...

John's two buddies look like the model for Shrek.

Susan in Florida said...

"the church in Las Lajos that spans a river gorge"<==Y'all did some incredible research to find all this stuff. And people like me ..... very much appreciate you sharing it with us.

john said...

Don't want to demystify any traveler's secrets but us visiting the church in Las Lajos is just like first time visitors to Key West taking a photo at the southernmost point in the US, they all know about it and do it; the same goes for that church, it's in all the guide books with detailed instructions on how to get to it by bus and taxi.