Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life near the Equator

We have been at high altitude near the equator for a few weeks now. While it is not surreal here, or even strange, it is definitely different from home.

1. The Sun & Altitude
The sun and altitude seem to be the sole regulators of temperature, while the name of town square is an indication of the climate: "plaza" for taking sun, and "parque (park)" for shade.

2. Light
There are about 12 hours of daylight. It goes from afternoon to dark-of-the-night in less than an hour. It seems there is no dusk.

3. Flora
The landscape is so lush, it looks anything can thrive here. Plants flower whenever and together: flowering trees, poinsettia, lilies....

Parque Caldas - Popayan, Colombia (Alt. 5700 ft)

Garden - St Agustin, Colombia (Alt. 5465 ft)

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