Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We don't have internet in Salento

[I am writing this offline as we decided not to move to a room with internet.]

Yesterday (10/08) we arrived in Salento after dark. After a brief circuit, we decided to take a room for its charm even though there is no Wi-Fi.

This morning we were really taken with the view from the balcony/porch. Still we went around town looking for internet, but our search did not turn up a place that has more charm or better view, internet or not, so we are without internet for a change.

Thus far on this trip we have enjoyed having internet very much. It really makes us feel connected with the world, family, and friends.

Our hotel room porch at Posada del Angel.

And another view from the porch.


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Cathy Huemer said...

Definitely worth the lack of internet!! I am following the blog faithfully, just with little time to respond!