Thursday, October 14, 2010

Popayan is underwhelming

Popayan is a medium-sized colonial city. It is our least favorite so far. Traffic is bad. Buses, taxis, cars, and motorbikes produce much pollution for the narrow streets of the historic downtown. Otherwise it can be a very pleasant town.

The beautiful but crowded city center of Popayan.

Popayan is supposed to be a UNESCO City of Gastronomy. By coincidence or not, we found a new scheme to enjoy the vegetarian restaurants which only open for lunch with a set menu. The portions are on the small side for our family mule. So, we hit a restaurant right when they open at 11:30 to 12. Then we catch the tail end of lunch at another one around 2 to 2:30. In two days we efficiently sampled four vegetarian restaurants in Popayan.
  • Restaurante Vegetariano Carrera, 8 #7-19
  • Restaurante Vegetariano Delicias Naturales, Calle 6 #8-21
  • Restaurante Comida Sana, Calle 3 #6-70
  • El Muro, Carrera 8 #4-11

Lunch #1 of today's doubleheader - Restaurante Comida Sana

Lunch #2 of today's doubleheader - Restaurante Vegetariano Delicias Naturales


What the photos do not show is that with each meal, we also get a bowl of soup, a glass of juice, a small dessert, and sometimes a separate vegetable or fruit salad.


Fast Eddy said...

Holy bat guano, Robin! The second meal looks very robust. S-L, how many pounds are you expecting to gain?

Kathy said...

I've been without much internet myself - glad to see all these new postings - I was beginning to wonder.... Am sleeping on the floor again, but here in Korea it's heated!

Susan in Florida said...

Earl and I were having a debate. I said that I think Sun Ling coined the term "the family mule." Earl thinks John coined the term.

Sun-Ling said...

John has been the family mule for so long, we had to think really hard. We agreed that I am the guilt one.

Sun-Ling said...

Yesterday we were walking around San Agustin. All these cars were passing us coming up the hill. Then at the mirador at the top, this driver asked us if walking is hard. I wanted to joke with him in Spanish - I walk to keep thin.

Dayle in NC said...

Hola Amigos,

!Qué chévere encontrar restaurantes vegetarianas y tanta comida rica! !Buen provecho!

To the driver, you could say something like Camino para quedarme en buena forma!


Sun-Ling said...

@Dayle, what I was going to say to the driver was "camino, asi que estoy delgada." Ha!