Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Off the beaten path in Mocoa

In order to continue to Ecuador, instead of backtracking from San Agustin to Popayan, we came to Mocoa. While at 2000 feet above sea level Mocoa isn't exactly an inferno, it certainly is sweat box. On the edge of Amazon basin, Mocoa's annual rainfall is more than four meters. Rather than our usual manic suicidal walks, we had a couple short walks in the tropical rain forest along a couple of gazillion tributaries of the Amazon. I was really happy to see a proper bridge until John mentioned that it has no railings :(

Rio Rumiyaco

Rio Rumiyaco

Rio Rumiyaco

Sun-Ling relaxing by the Rio Rumiyaco

Sun-Ling walking along the Rio Rumiyaco trail.

The proper suspension bridge over the Rio Mocoa.

Waterfall on the Canalendre.


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Susan in Florida said...

WOW! Awesome beauty! The rocks and the water coming together are breathtaking.