Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Over the first hurdle

I was particularly concerned coming to Otavalo. First, every single guidebook warned against walking around the countryside. Second, I read several blogs about backpacks stowed under the seat being slashed on the bus between Otavalo and Quito.

The first morning when we were getting directions for the day's hike to the Peguche Waterfall, our hotel front desk cautioned us not to show our camera "going through communities." We were freaked and decided to leave the camera in our room. Of course, there was nothing remotely threatening. The next day we took another walk around to cure John's dizziness from the market, this time with the camera.

From the Otavalo bus terminal we took a bus to Quito. Our backpacks were stowed under the bus in the luggage compartment, as they always traveled. All four of us arrived in Quito in one piece.

Now I feel much relieved, such silly worries....

Some photos below of our hike into the hills of Otavalo.

El Lechero (Sacred Tree) in front of Volcano Imbabura.

The road to Condor Park.

Laguna San Pablo
Laguna San Pablo

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