Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our first market of the trip

Yet another day without internet. We have moved on to Silvia, a small town outside of Popayan, 25 kilometers off the Pan American highway, famous for its Tuesday market. We decided to stay in Silvia on Monday night. In fact it was even a little hard finding a suitable room, since so few travelers stay in town.

The local Guambianos still wear their traditional costumes, men and women, and a few of the little ones. I am particularly fascinated by people that maintain their traditional costumes, as one who has deviated from her natural and cultural heritage far and wide. Yet I am fully aware of the intricacies of visiting traditional people. How I wish I can turn into a bee, observing all I want yet leaving no trace....

The Silvia market was everything I expected, congenial and lively crowd, colorful costumes and produce.

The locals come to market in these colorful buses.


The Market.

A couple of groups of Guambianos strolling down the main drag in Silvia.


Fast Eddy said...

Beautiful market scene! Do you haggle? Do you know what you're buying;-}

Hollie Currie said...

Enjoying the blog! The food sounds awesome & pics are wonderful.

Susan in Florida said...

I just glanced thru the photos again wondering if I could pick a favorite photo. They are all so awesome. I love the rocks interacting with the water BUT that market photo with the lush colors is just phenomenal. And ....well.... I have a bunch of favorites. THANK YOU so much for sharing your adventure with us. I love the photos. I love the narratives.