Monday, November 15, 2021

Around town in Aguascalientes, Mexico

Outside festival time, Aguascalientes is tranquilo, not unlike Raleigh, good place to live, unexciting for visitors.  There are a handful of minor but enjoyable museums, churches, markets, and vegetarian restaurants that we made the rounds to.  

The most surprising thing about Aguascalientes is the various venues it has.  The old train station area has been redeveloped into a huge complex of permanent (velodrome, museums, university, concert hall, retail, etc.) and temporary uses.  In the short time we were there, a marathon and a parade were staged there.  At the opposite side of center,  there are two bullrings, a charro (cowboy/horseman) stadium, a mega open-air fair venue, an indoor palenque (arena that stages concerts as well as chicken fights).  This is all in addition to the usual performance arts theaters/centers.  Everything I enumerated here are only what we happened upon on foot.  Who knows what else they have?!  What cultural riches?!

The city sign. Aguascalientes, Mexico

Vegan/Vegetarian Restos are not as easily found in Aguascalientes as in Guadalajara, but we found a few. Avocado Punk. Vegan fast food. Check out these vegan tacos. It's all in the fixin's ain't? Vegan Tacos - Avocado Punk, Taquería Vegana - Aguascalientes, Mexico Deep fried Cualiflower at Casa Onca. It's very similar to Gobi Manchurian. Deep Fried Cauliflower -  Casa Onca Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant - Aguascalientes, Mexico

Vegan tacos and vegan lunch plate from Rame Fonda Vegan, just around the corner from Casa Onca. Plato Vegana (top) and Tacos Veganas (right) - Rame Fonda Vegana - Aguascalientes, Mexico

Chile Relleno Plates at Mercado Teran. It doesn't get much better than this! Chile Relleno Plates at a Food Stand in Mercado Teran - Aguascalientes, Mexico Food Stand in Mercado Teran - Aguascalientes, Mexico But it does get better with these Chile Relleno Plates at Mercado Morelos. Each plate comes with a Chile Relleno (roasted poblano chile stuffed with cheese), plus beans, rice and salad. Condiments: limes, chopped onions, oregano, red salsa. Plus a big stack of warm tortillas. Chile Relleno Plates - Aguascalientes, Mexico

Takeout Vegetarian Burritos from Los Burros Cuchos Takeout Vegetarian Burritos from Los Burros Cuchos - Aguascalientes, Mexico

Fabric Installation at Museo Espacio - Aguascalientes, Mexico Museo Espacio - Aguascalientes, Mexico

Prodigal Son Stained Glass by Saturnino Herran - Aguascalientes City Museum. Prodigal Son Stained Glass by Saturnino Herran - Aguascalientes City Museum - Aguascalientes, Mexico

The area around the old Railway station was the start and finish line for the Aguascalientes Marathon. Maratón Aguascalientes - Aguascalientes, Mexico Marathon  Finish Line - Aguascalientes, Mexico

Here's the Railway Station. Train Station - Aguascalientes, Mexico

The Ruins of the old Roundhouse have been preserved. Roundhouse Ruins - Aguascalientes, Mexico

Looking towards the Velodromo. Looking towards Velodromo Aguascalientes - Aguascalientes, Mexico

Church and building architecture. This first one is Templo San Antonio, exterior and interior.
Templo San Antonio - Aguascalientes, Mexico Aguascalientes, Mexico

A stylish streamline corner building. Streamline Corner Building - Aguascalientes, Mexico

The very sharp Teatro Cinema. Teatro Cinema - Aguascalientes, Mexico

Corner shoe store with giant shoe. Aguascalientes, Mexico

The interior of Mercado Teran. Plus some good looking veggies. Aguascalientes, Mexico Aguascalientes, Mexico

Murals in the Government Office. Mural - Aguascalientes, Mexico Mural - Palacio de Gobierno - Aguascalientes, Mexico The new Bull Ring aka Plaza de Toros Monumenta Plaza de Toros Monumenta - Aguascalientes, Mexico And finally, it's the week of the annual fair in Barrio Encino where we were staying with my cousin.

Barrio Encino Fair - Aguascalientes, Mexico

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